How to Value Your Business

Snippet tool from our online course

When seeking investment funding many entrepreneurs have some key questions when it comes to valuing the company. These include:

One of the biggest struggles for business during seeking funding is to understand how much to value their business. So let's tackle this, here are some methods outlined below:

We hope you find these methods useful, to gain more insights into how to put them into practice sign up to our online course where we go into detail on what you need to prepare and know when approaching funding.

Our online course consists of 3 topics with 4 lessons for each topic.

The topics represent the 3 different stages of business IDEA, EARLY & GROWTH, going through:

What type of funding option is most commonly used

What to prepare for each funding option

What to expect at each stage

The course also includes resources explaining common investment terms, valuation methods, due diligence expectations and 'Close the Deal' documents.

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