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Over the summer you may be thinking about a business idea and how to take it forward.  Rewards-crowdfunding is a fantastic way to research, validate and fund your business. Read on for some tips and resources to make your business dream a reality. 

What are the benefits of crowdfunding?

You may already know the immediate benefits of crowdfunding which include raising funds, building a fan base, bringing ideas to life, testing the market, build marketing buzz and a fan base.   But what about the unexpected benefits a campaign can bring?

Why crowdfunding is great for female entrepreneurs?

Women are social media savvy which is a key to crowdfunding success. Plus crowdfunding removes the gender lens by allowing women founders to go direct to their customer.  A recent report has shown how female entrepreneurs are seen as more trustworthy than men when seeking crowdfunding support and the reasons behind it.

Women Unbound: Unleashing female entrepreneurial potential

PwC, in collaboration with The Crowdfunding Center, released the Women Unbound report based on two years of seed crowdfunding data from nine of the biggest crowdfunding platforms globally. Learn more about how seed crowdfunding is unleashing female entrepreneurial potential.

Key Insight: 4 strategies to get crowdfunding backers

When crowdfunding, a key strategy is to get the highest number of backers possible showing that you have expanded your community. But our experience has shown it isn’t easy to expand outside of your own network and find them. This article shares key tools that have worked over and again since 2014.

How to get started?

Crowdfunding Starter Kit

Do you want to understand the stages of a crowdfunding campaign and receives guidance, insights and templates?   Use crowd15 to get 15% off our Crowdfunding Starter Kit which has  45 pages of tips, process and templates to turn your campaign idea into a reality!

Crowdfunding 101 Webinar

Join us on Thursday, 22 August to give an introduction to crowdfunding and answer any questions you may have.  It will also be recorded so sign up to join us on the day or receive the replay afterwards. 

10am, Thursday, 22 August

8 Ways Women Entrepreneurs can use Crowdfunding Successfully

One of the biggest hurdles for female entrepreneurs is raising capital. This article shares some great insights on how crowdfunding can be a great way for a female founder to launch a business and get some early validation and sales.

Next Chapter's crowdfunding site, along with its Crowdfunding Starter Kit, has seen some successful campaigns go on to seek funding over US$300,000. Often the biggest battle is just getting started which crowdfunding helps you overcome!

Ready to launch?

Already done your preparation and want to get started?  Then you can create and launch your campaign here.

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