There is exciting news for HK with female-led business AngelHub and WHub receiving funding, Virgin’s Startup announces funding pledge, a controversy around the new Ms Monopoly board game and a Female VC explains how to respond to an investor if they ask about children.

HK’s Female-Led startups Angel Hub and WHub raised US$3M

Congratulations to AngelHub and sister company WHub for raising money to expand their equity crowdfunding and community building activities into Greater Bay Area, SE Asia and Europe. We can’t wait for more exciting news from them.

Italian media brand, Freeda, raises US$16 million with the goal of becoming “the most relevant female media brand worldwide”

The company currently has 5 million women engaging with their content every day and reaches 80% of Italian and Spanish women aged 18-34 every month. It's now eyeing expansion in English speaking countries.

10 years after launch - Tarjama raises US$5 million

The money will be used to expand its technology solutions and build an enterprise-grade SAAS translation solution. However, they have also used untapped female talent to scale and build an inclusive business culture.

Forbes 100 Most Innovative Leaders list includes only 1 woman.

“For all our carefully calibrated methodology, women never had much of a chance here.” Listen to why the Forbes editor think they got it so wrong.

To remedy the Forbes list, SCMP has pulled together a list of 7 leading Asian women in tech who are leading innovation.

Virgin StartUp’s pledge is to fund an equal number of men and women business founders

Their goal is to contribute to closing the gender funding gap by investing in 50/50 female and male business founders by 2020. Read on how they plan to do this.

Female Funding News from India

A deep dive into the Indian startup scene by Excubator: by location, industry, challenges and a gender bias analysis.

Singapore’s The Female Foundry launches in India focused on business mentoring to female founders.

More women are being targeted for lending by FinTech companies in India.

What impact could equal participation by men and women as entrepreneurs have?

According to BCG’s latest report, it could boost the global economy up to US$5 trillion. Although there is no quick answer, the report provides suggested actions including increased funding in women and more support networks.

The ‘Back Her Business’ funding programme aims to close the business gender gap

Some practical advice from experienced female entrepreneurs on how to get started and succeed.  One tip we love is about using crowdfunding as a way to kick off your business. 

Here's how to answer if an Investor asks about children

A Female VC gives her 5 suggestions on how to address this question full on.  Fundamentally, own it! 

How corporate venture capital can nurture more female investors

If more women are involved in the investment decision making process, then the likelihood of investment in female founders increases. This article outlines the role that more women investors can play in closing the gender funding gap.

7 tips for wellbeing of First-time female entrepreneurs

Already feel like summer is a distant memory, then check out some suggestions on how to keep your business mind clear and health in balance.

The controversy around new Ms. Monopoly board game

The new board game, Ms. Monopoly, is an advocate whose mission is to invest in female entrepreneurs and inventors. There has been a lot of positive and negative views on whether the board game positively addresses the gender investment gap. Catch up on it here.

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8 Ways Women Entrepreneurs can use Crowdfunding Successfully

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