This week find out about Snapchat’s Incubation programme, Melinda Gates $1 Billion investment in Gender Equality, HSBC’s new report on female founders, big lending milestones from Goldman Sachs and Kiva and advice from female founders.

Snapchat’s Content Creator Incubator applications are open

Yellow, Snapchat’s second incubator for content creators, is taking applications now until November 1. The incubator offers a $150,000 investment, networking, partnerships and office space in California - as it’s an in house programme open to global applications. The website has testimonials and application details from their first cohort you can check out here.

Melinda Gates: Here's Why I'm Committing $1 Billion to Promote Gender Equality

Hear directly from Melinda Gates on what keeps her awake at night and why this is driving such a large investment into gender equality.

HSBC Recent Report on Female Founders

“More than a third of women entrepreneurs have faced bias in raising capital” states reports a new HSBC report on female entrepreneurs. You can find more details on the HK, Singapore and UK markets below.

Hong Kong findings

Singapore findings

UK  findings

New Study Reveals Nordics Lag In VC Funding For Female Founders

1% only. Need we say more.

Agri & Foodtech: The Alarming Disparity In Funding For Female Versus Male Entrepreneurs

Other reports have shown that gender-neutral and deep tech businesses led by women struggle to receive funding, now AgriTech also falls into that bucket. Read how the industry is approaching this.

Female Funding News in Africa

New female-focused accelerator launched in South Africa

We recently shared that the Dentsu Aegis Network has launched the Female Foundry and rolled it out in India. Continuing their global rollout, they have now launched in South Africa.

Changes to how financial institutions deal with women in Africa

African Development Bank has launched the Affirmative Finance Action for Women in Africa called AFAWA. This programme will establish a US$300 million facility to deliver lending for women by all financial institutions in Africa. Part of it’s goal is to address the research which shows that the lack of access to finances prevents women-owned businesses from surviving beyond the growth stage.

Africa’s new Women Financing Index

The African Development Bank (AfDB) will soon start tracking how many loans are given to women across the continent through its new initiative, the Women Financing Index (WFI). Learn more here.

Impressive Female Lending Milestones

Goldman Sachs Helps Loan $1.45 Billion to Women Entrepreneurs

They have doubled their initial target and supported almost 53,000 entrepreneurs.

Kiva Hits $1Bn Mark in Loans

Kiva reports they have now funded over $1 billion in microloans to female founders worldwide.

7 Alternatives to VC Funding That Women Entrepreneurs Need to Know About

Read about the different benefits of using bootstrapping, family & friends, debt, angel investors, grants, rewards & equity crowdfunding and strategic partnerships to position your startup to grow.

Money has no gender

This article discusses the potential for ‘Pink Silos’ in start-up funding and the recommendation for entrepreneurs and investors alike to seek out and make investments inclusively. Some good insights on both sides of the discussion to give us all food for thought.

Advice from female entrepreneurs who hired their former bosses

Hear the stories from female founders who spotted an opportunity in their industry to build a business and then hired their boss - good and bad experiences.

Women are the changing face of the ultra-wealthy

The report found that women represent 14.6pc of the super-rich and nearly 20pc of those are under age 50.  Part of this trend relates to how technology is creating new opportunities for female entrepreneurs to create wealth.  

Get to Know the Female Entrepreneurs Who Are Reshaping the Business World recently launched their first 100 Powerful Women list and included 49 founders and leaders forging a new way forward.

Do you know all the different funding types? 

Crowdfunding Starter Kit

Have you considered crowdfunding for your business.

8 Ways Women Entrepreneurs can use Crowdfunding Successfully

One of the biggest hurdles for female entrepreneurs is raising capital. This article shares some great insights on how crowdfunding can be a great way for a female founder to launch a business and get some early validation and sales.

Next Chapter's crowdfunding site, along with its Crowdfunding Starter Kit, has seen some successful campaigns go on to seek funding over US$300,000. Often the biggest battle is just getting started which crowdfunding helps you overcome!

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