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This is an online course to help founders demystify the funding process for the GROWTH stage of the business. 


So this stage is not about testing, or building but more typically about scaling. Most commonly scaling your userbase.

Funding ask here is for support for further redevelopment or expansion. This is all about scaling NOT testing or developing. You must show evidence of profitability and current success.
Typically the funding range for this stage is $2m-$15million with a median of $3m-$7 million.

Our goal is to explain this stage of funding and help you determine your next steps to your business goals.  We aim to equip you with the knowledge and tools required to confidently discuss your funding needs and business plan with potential investors.


Course Structure:


We give an overview of what to expect at this GROWTH stage of your business going through:


  • What type of funding option is most commonly used
  • What documentation, decision, and actions to prepare
  • What to expect as a follow up to receiving the funding
  • Preparation for the next stages of funding and you grow and scale.

There are worksheets available to download in the intro.


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