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 CONGRATULATIONS! You’re taking the first step toward launching your next chapter by initiating a crowdfunding campaign. We help by providing you with a work booklet guiding you through each and every stage of your crowdfunding campaign.

Who is it for :

Startups, SME’s & Founders looking to gain growth and development for their business and are considering or planning on crowdfunding

What is it :

A step by step guide to help you maximise your crowdfunding goals with Next Chapter

How it works :

44 page document with questions, guidelines, worksheets, and tools to help you reflect on your goals and create an effective way to achieve your crowdfunding goals for your business.


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The Issues We Address

Women-owned businesses struggle to obtain the necessary know-how to overcome barriers to raising capital, build their brand, find the right partners and develop their business with the same resources as male founders. This not only explains why less female founders successfully raise funding for their businesses; it also reduces the pipeline of innovation and restricts economic development in many countries.

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