How it works:

We have brought together a directory of different funding organisations, listed their funding focuses, application process and special reason ‘why we like them’.

We understand the importance of women supporting women so we have specifically found organisations that actively invest in women founders or have a senior female executive in their management team.

What you get when you subscribe:

For $49usd  you …

1) Gain access to our directory and discover over 250 female-focused funding organisations; view their funding focuses, application process and special reason ‘why we like them’.

2) Receive useful tips such as

– Business modelling tips
– Business valuations tips
– Do’s and Don’ts for approaching investors
– Exclusive discounts for our investor events!

3) Registration also allows subscribers to submit their company/startup profiles, and/or investment organisations.

What it looks like

Gain useful information, links, tips, and ability to contact us at any point to gain better understanding and insights.


Women-owned businesses struggle to obtain the necessary know-how to overcome barriers for raising capital and access investment funding for their businesses.  This reduces the pipeline of innovation and restricting economic development in many countries.


Female-led businesses looking to grow their business through increased funding. Who want to learn and understand their options better and seek connections with funding organisations and investors. 

Frustrations with current solutions

Each founder has different needs, wants and expectations around the capital they are looking to source.  Often they are starting from a point of limited contacts or knowledge related to funding. Also from both the Founder and Investors viewpoints there is no one type of funding or capital that fits all so finding funding can be a time-consuming process.

Our Solutions

We understand how hard it can be to launch and run a business. Therefore our vision is to build a community of networks and partnerships with other organisations, so that female entrepreneurs gain access to the capital and other resources they need to launch and grow successful businesses.