Get Ready for Funding Programme
Get Ready for Funding Programme
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What it is :

The course guides you through the key funding term, example pitch decks and the do’s and dont’s investor expect from you. This will help prepare you to confidently meet with investors about your funding ask and business plan.

How it works :

Once subscribed to our Next Chapter Plus (one-off payment of $200 USD)  you will have access to our online course for free. This course is written, designed and contributed by experts, investors, and founders to share their knowledge and provide feedback on your business and investment goals.

This is an online course designed for growth-oriented female founders to help them demystify the funding process and develop their businesses.

The course covers 4 topics with 3 lessons for each topic. Each lesson should take you no longer than 1.5  hours.

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Course Outline

Topic 1 :

Demystifying Funding

Key terminology, and funding basics

  • Funding stages explained
  • How funding works – Break up of equity and shares
  • Common Terminology

Topic 2 :

Funding Types

Different types of investors/funding source, their pros/cons and expectations

  • VC vs Angels
  • Grants vs Government Loans –
  • Investor terminology (patient capital, impact investing)

Topic 3 :

Valuation Tools and Investment Ask

Tools and tips for evaluating your business & knowing how much to ask

  • Evaluation tools
  • Justifying your investment ask

Topic 4 :

Pitch Deck Prep

Everything you need to create and deliver a great investment pitch deck

  • What you need to include P1 – Business vision, Problem, Solution, Product Market, Opportunity, Business Model
  • What you need to include P2 – Growth Strategy, Financials & Projections, Traction, Competition, Team, Funding Ask
  • Presentation and delivery techniques

Is this Course Right for You?

  • Are you interested in confidently and knowledgeably speaking with investors to see how you can grow your business?  
  • Do you know if you have the right business model for growth and funding?
  • Do you think you and your business has what it takes to grow internationally or introduce more product lines?
  • Do you need to build your team to bring in more sales and revenue?
  • Are you wanting to make an impact with your business and need financial backing to do that?
  • Are you interested in understanding the investment process and if it is right for your business?

The right investment or capital can make this happen for you and our “Get Ready for Funding” course is here to help make that happen.

We are working with ambitious, growth-oriented female-founded business who want to become multi-million dollar businesses. We are talking to investors who are looking for that right investment in the next big thing or someone who can build on their right idea and foundations.   

Bringing together female-founders with a savvy attitude towards growing their business, we introduce them to investors, experts and advisors to get them ready to have an empowered and robust conversation with investors and make investor connections.

Our goal is to help you grow and fund your business!  


"Thank you for launching the programme; it has been really useful and eye-opening. Running a business I have been focused on how to grow the business and not enough time on the numbers which show exactly where to focus. The programme is instrumental for small business owners in understanding what you need to grow and find the right investment model that matches your business." ​ Marie Swarbreck Founder of FLEXImums
Marie Swarbreck

Marie Swarbreck

CEO & of FLEXImums - Empowering and connecting mums with companies

"The Next Chapter Get Ready for Funding program provides preparation for entering the next phase of your business growth and readiness for funding. From the basics to more advanced concepts, the program allows female founders to gain support, guidance and insights into the next steps in their trajectory armed with the knowledge of how best to approach funding." ​ Sarah Garner Founder of RETYKLE
Sarah Garner

Sarah Garner

Founder of RETYKLE - Buying & re-selling great quality baby & kid's clothing

"The Get Ready for Funding programme is unlike any incubator I have experienced. It is a highly immersive, interactive experience for founders and helps them grasp the workings of the funding world through candid conversations with investors, founders, legal experts and others. It is the perfect programme for first time founders who have launched a service / product and are now looking to scale. Unlike a lot of other programmes, it stays away from just theory, in fact, it focuses on real business issues such as knowing when to raise money, how to do it well and the financial / legal frameworks to scale a company sustainably. Not to mention the individualised focus and attention given to each participant by Nicole and team which makes it a truly valuable experience. Highly recommended!" Priyanka Gothi Founder & CEO of Retired, Not Out
Priyanka Gothi

Priyanka Gothi

CEO & Founder of Retired, Not Out - Connecting retired professionals with flexible opportunities

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