What is our PAB programme?

The purpose of this programme is to group you with like-minded female founders who have the same business goals and are at a similar stage of their business as you.

You will work with your peers to discuss business challenges and have investors give insight through the process. For many sole female founders it is important to find a supportive and like-minded group of female founders to discuss the growth of your business.

next chapter peer advisory board


Peer Advisory Boards allow you to gain new perspectives from other founders with similar business goals and ambitions that provide you an outsider’s objective opinion vital for your company’s growth and development.

next chapter peer advisory board


– Emotional support as well as professional advice to give you encouragement and comfort you may not know you need. It’s healthy to share problems and issues.

– Connections and networks, someone on yourPAB may have connections to help you grow or expand your company.

next chapter peer advisory board


– Our pairing process allows you to match with a suitable group of female founders

– A structured work-plan as well as worksheets and tips.

– Advice and support directly from investors giving specific insights to help your company seek funding and set goals.

next chapter peer advisory board


For getting ready for funding, businesses mainly focus on 3 key aspects; GROWTH & SCALABILITY, MARKET FIT and TEAM. Even if you are not sure if you are at the stage to look for funding or if this is your next step, meeting funding requirements will be beneficial for the growth, development and profitability of your company as a whole.

next chapter peer advisory board

How it works:


Provide a sounding board:

Many female owners are sole founders.  We all know the stresses of starting your own company.  A peer advisory board can provide an opportunity to discuss ideas, issues or wins and concerns in a supportive and positive environment.  Hearing an outsider’s perspective may also help you to see your business and associated challenges in a whole new light.

Objective viewpoints:

Next Chapter is a sole female-founded company and is constantly reaching out to peers for feedback and advice. When it is your own company it is easy to become emotionally attached and emotionally drawn to your project. Having an outsider’s perspective may help you to see your business and associated challenges in an a whole new light to your business that you didn’t know existed.


Female founders who are:  

  • Past the ideation stage and have their first or more products launched
  • Considering how to build on their first successes to scale their products or into another market
  • Considering if capital or funding would be the right fit to help them grow
  • Wanting to nail their pitch document
  • Building their team out
  • Interested in building a collaborative and supportive peer group to help grow their business


  • Each participant submits an application answering key questions to facilitate assessing and grouping founders.
  • Each application is reviewed and detailed analysis and matching process occurs to ensure you are paired with founders who match your goals and have a similar level of business maturity as yourself.
  • Groups are also reviewed to ensure no business overlap or competition which could cause conflicts.
  • Consideration is given to investor expertise and industry focus in selecting entrepreneurs.
  • As we have limited spots available, not all applicants will be successful. However, applicants can work with Next Chapter to reapply for future PAB cohorts.


At Next Chapter we are a community of over 3000 entrepreneurs, investors, accelerators, media and supporters. We have helped female founders raise money through crowdfunding and pitch to investors to grow their business. What makes our programme different from one-off networking and coffee catch-ups with fellow female founders? Unlike other programmes, we invite investors to give their advice on your business. Plus as part of the programme, we provide a guided work plan and templates/worksheets to help you make the most of your meetups and achieve your goals. This will also help you determine if funding is the best next step for you. If this is already your goal, you will learn how to achieve it, including how to be confident and prepared when approaching investors.

As part of the programme we provide a guided work plan and templates/worksheets to help you make the most of your meetups and make sure you are achieving your intended goals.

What you get for $349 USD:

Investor Guided PAB programme

1) Female founder matching; grouping you with appropriate fellow founders with similar business development goals and current stages,


2) Structured programme including work-plans and guidelines to help set agendas, achieve targets and set goals for the programme


3) Access to 3 investors via events and webinars


4) Access to female entrepreneurs community in this cohort and Next Chapter community


5) Cheatsheets for


a) Funding types pro and cons for each one

b) Pitch Preparations

Funding Directory

1) Gain access to our directory and discover over 250 female-focused funding organisations; view their funding focus, application process and special reason ‘why we like them’.


2) Receive useful tips such as

– Business modeling tips
– Business valuations tips
– Do’s and Don’ts for approaching investors
– Exclusive discounts for our investor events!


3) Registration also allows subscribers to submit their company/startup profiles, and/or investment organisations.

All attendees receive 50% the full price of our “Get Funding Savvy” online course